Jeff green| Kendrick perkins| Nate robinson

Jeff green| Kendrick perkins| Nate robinson:Latest news updates about the latest hot celebrity of basket ball:The Oklahoma City Thunder just got tougher inside, landing Kendrick Perkins. They also will get former dunk champ Nate Robinson. The Thunder are sending Jeff Green and some yet-unnamed players to Boston in exchange. The Thunder also traded Charlotte for Nazr Mohammed. More…

Perk tweaked his knee earlier this week against the Warriors, but its just a mild sprain. He’s only played in 12 games this season, having come back from injury last month. He’s averaging 7.3 ppg and 8.1 rpg.

Jeff Green forced a three on OKC’s final possession last night. It’s KD’s team, brother. I guess you pass the rock or head to Boston. Or OKC just wanted to get thicker inside.

Charlotte will receive D.J. White and Mo Peterson in exchange for center Nazr Mohammed according to Yahoo!


Jeff green| Kendrick perkins| Nate robinson
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